I am fascinated by light and colour and how it plays out in nature.

I love to interpret these feelings on my canvas. 


About Me

My Background


I studied Fine Art, Photography, Advertising and Fashion, and all of these studies have played a strong role on how my ideas are shaped into bright and colourful works of art.

How I Work


I work primarily with acrylic on canvas in small and large format in my home studio in Kitchener, Ontario. My artwork has been sold and displayed in venues from private homes and corporate collections, as well as galleries and charitable events in Ontario.

My Inspiration


The crisp morning blues on the lake or the fresh nighttime snow on the ski hills...they are what fuel my soul.

From my winter landscapes to my lakeside paintings, and my abstracts, vivid blues of water and snow have shaped who I am as an artist.


I'll let you know about upcoming shows and enter you in a draw to win one of my custom pieces.

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Allyson Reeves Artist